From Indivisible NWI President Kim Eldridge:

Hello everyone!

As we move through this health crisis we wanted to bring you up to date.

WE ARE CANCELING all voter registration events this month and next.

WE ARE CANCELING both the townhalls on March 26th for Karen Tallian and March 31 for Luke Bohm.

This is in the best interest of everyone right now as we figure out how to navigate this health event. BUT WE WANT YOU TO REMAIN ENGAGED. We still need to keep our attention on the upcoming election. We are providing updates on not only government, election, politics but also the healthcare crisis at our Facebook pages. Check everyday for updates. We will eventually schedule voter registration to begin after May 18 (when registration reopens) again once we have gotten through this. We will start to do registration again June through the 5th of October. Be prepared. 


You can remain active online, email, Facebook, all social media, phone and text. I will be forwarding a flyer/ document early next week that you can get out to others that will show them where to go online and how to register to vote. This is how we must reach people now. You can also offer to help people over the phone with registration! Or important information! Some are not online. 

STAY INVOLVED. Please contact me with questions or suggestions. We can continue to reach out to others during this crisis.

Stay safe and if you can, continue the work. All the volunteers- look for that email next week.

If things are better we will still have a late April meeting. Thanks to all.