Project 2025–A Real Authoritarian threat–read, learn, & spread the word

Project 2025–What You Need to Know

We all must become familiar with Project 2025 and talk about it. Everyone needs to know that if Democrats fail in November, our country will become what Project 2025 envisions and all but the very wealthy will be the victims of it. Our country as it is now will cease to exist.

“Project 2025, was convened by the notorious rightwing, climate-denying thinktank the Heritage Foundation, which has ties to fossil fuel billionaire Charles Koch… the nearly 1,000-page transition guide was written by more than 350 rightwingers and is full of sweeping recommendations to deconstruct all sectors of the federal government.” (The Guardian)

“Project 2025 is aimed at creating a “government-in-waiting” for the next Republican presidential administration, with “institutionalizing Trumpism” as the ultimate aim. It purports the unitary executive theory, that Congress cannot limit the president’s control of the executive branch.” (Katie Couric Media)

The 30 chapters of Project 2025 are a daunting read. Project 2025 proposes, among a host of things:

  • Eliminating the Department of Education
  • Eliminating the Department of Commerce
  • Deploying the US military whenever protests erupt
  • Dismantling the FBI and Department of Homeland Security
  • Removing sexual and gender protected discrimination and terminating diversity, equity, inclusion and affirmative action
  • Siphoning off billions of dollars of public school funding
  • Funding private school choice vouchers
  • Phasing out public education’s Title I program
  • Gutting the nation’s free school meals program
  • Eliminating the Head Start program
  • Banning books
  • Suppressing any curriculum that discusses the evils of slavery
  • Banning abortion
  • Restricting access to contraception
  • Forcing would-be immigrants to be detained in concentration camps
  • Eliminating Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act
  • Recruiting 54,000 loyal MAGA Republicans to replace existing federal civil servants
  • Ending America’s bedrock principle that separates church from state.

Download the Project 2025 document  so you can check out the disconcerting manuscript that tells Trump what specifically to do from Jan. 20 to July 18, 2025, to convert America into an authoritarian regime.
(Des Moines Register)

We’ll be posting more details about this exhaustive and terrifying plan in the next few days, along with tips for talking about it.