Project 2025 and the end of democracy

Project 2025–More About What You Need to Know

PROJECT 2025 seeks to immediately establish a police-state, permanently stripping away decades of civil and human rights.

PROJECT 2025 outlines in precise and sickening detail, the Republican Evangelical plan to swiftly thrust America into full-on theocracy and dismantle every legislative protection and democratic process put in place to prevent the marriage of Church and State.

 Please read PROJECT 2025 . Talk about it. Write about it.

  • Share it with your family members and friends who say both parties are the same.
    Share it with your friends planning on voting third party or opting out.
  • We have a few months to get this right.
  • Love and equity and diversity are in the balance.

Democracy is hanging by the thinnest of threads, and that thread is our votes.
It’s time we made a choice to save this place.
It may be the last one we get.”

From John Pavolitz, pastor, author and activist.

The plan has “four pillars”:

  1. an 887-page policy agenda,
  2. presidential personnel database of vetted conservatives,
  3. Presidential Administration Academy to train these people to achieve the Project 2025 policy agenda, and
  4. 180-day playbook, which is what they hope to achieve in the first 180 days if Trump takes office in January 2025.

The contradictions are glaring:

  • The authors of [this policy agenda] claim to support equality, while advocating for dismantling the government agencies that enforce laws ensuring equality, such as Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. 
  • They claim to support freedom and liberty, while advocating for a total ban on abortion, rolling back the rights of LGBTQ people and closing the border.
  • They claim to support free speech, while advocating for banning any mention of “critical race theory” and “gender ideology” from schools and other societal institutions. 
  • They claim to support the working class, while calling for tax cuts for the rich, elimination of labor protections and deregulation of big business and the oil industry.

Department of Education:

  • Eliminate the Department of Education, which enforces civil rights law, including Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination in education;
  • Revert to the Trump administration’s Title IX sexual harassment and assault standards, which placed burdensome restrictions on the ability of survivors to report assault and obtain justice;
  • Reverse the Biden administration’s definition of sex under Title IX to include sexual orientation and gender identity, and redefine sex to mean biological sex assigned at birth
  • Increase public funding of religious education through expansion of “school choice” policies and give federal funds to states as block grants with no strings attached.

Department of Health and Human Services:
On abortion—

  • Under threat of funding loss, require “liberal states” to report to the CDC, “accurate and reliable statistical data about abortion, abortion survivors, and abortion-related maternal deaths”;
  • Require treatment of “fetuses born alive” after abortion;
  • Withdraw Medicaid funds for states that require abortion insurance or that discriminate in violation of the Weldon Amendment, which declares that no HHS funding may go to a state or local government that discriminates against pro-life health entities or insurers;
  • Audit states for Hyde amendment compliance;
  • Require the CDC to track “abortion across vari­ous demographic indicators to assess whether certain populations are targeted by abortion providers” (based on false allegations of eugenic motivations);
  • Reverse Biden administration support for travel to get abortion health care;
  • Prohibit Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funds and allow states to defund Planned Parenthood in their state Medicaid plans;
  • Reverse FDA approval of mifepristone or at least go back to the pre-2016 limitation and prohibit the mailing of abortion pills;
  • Prohibit stem cell research and stop “the development and testing of the COVID-19 vaccines with aborted fetal cell lines”;
  • Affirm “rights of conscience” to deny medical care;
  • Declare that abortion and euthanasia are not health care;
  • Reverse Biden interpretation of The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) that requires treatment of women miscarrying.

On gender-affirming care—

  • Block gender-affirming health care
  • End Centers for Disease Controls’s collection of data on gender identity;
  • Block National Institute of Health research on gender identity and transgender health care and instead fund studies into the “short-term and long-term negative effects of cross-sex interventions”;
  • Reverse Biden administration’s redefinition of “sex” to include gender identity, sexual orientation and pregnancy status.


  • Add work requirements to receive Medicaid;
  • Condemn single-motherhood and same-sex marriage;
  • “HHS should prioritize married father engagement in its messaging, health, and welfare policies.”

Administration for Children and Families:

  • Use TANF (welfare) money to promote “Marriage, healthy family formation, and delaying sex to prevent pregnancy”;
  • Child support in the United States should strengthen marriage as the norm, restore broken homes, and encourage unmarried couples to commit to marriage.

(Ms Magazine)

On Climate and the Environment

  • Eliminate three agency offices in the Dept of Energy that are crucial for energy transition
  • Slash funding for the Dept. of Energy’s grid deployment office in an effort to stymie renewable energy deployment.
  • Expand gas infrastructure
  • Gut the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) and move it away from its focus on the climate crisis
  • Cut the EPA’s environmental justice and public engagement functions

(The Guardian)