Indivisible NWI News for members and volunteers during these trying times

Hello everyone! As we move through this health crisis we wanted to bring you up to date.
We hope that you are well and taking precautions at this time. We know that some of you are working from home, some have been laid off or completely lost their employment and some are essential workers still going out in the community everyday. You all are going through something that we thought we would never have to experience. During this time we have been posting information everyday at our Facebook page: @indivisiblenorthwestindiana. Information not only on politics and the election, but up to date information on the virus as well as social services information for you to share. We want to be the organization that puts out timely information not only on issues but also on services that you or someone you know may need in your area. Please join Facebook if you have not already and check our updates daily. We have learned that most people get their information from Facebook and Twitter versus a webpage, so that is where we are putting our efforts. I have attached some of these posted documents at the end of this email.

WE have cancelled all voter registration events this month and next. WE cancelled both the townhalls on March 26th for Karen Tallian and March 31 forLuke Bohm. We have also cancelled our APRIL MEETING.
This is in the best interest of everyone right now as we figure out how to navigate this health event.
We will eventually schedule voter registration to begin again (when registration reopens) once we have new dates and have gotten through this. Primary voting day has been changed to June 2. Early voting dates are pending. Be prepared.
You can remain active online, email, Facebook, all social media, phone and text. What we can do right now is offer voter registration online. You can share our Voter Registration document and if you are able, call people to explain to them how to go online to register. This is a must right now to stay involved and to help others be involved as well. Like and share our posts on Facebook- so important to get our information out to others! We are also on Twitter Please share and comment there as well. We have to reach a wide audience online now that we cannot be out there in person!
Please contact us with questions or suggestions. Send us issues that you want to work on or know more about. We want to continue to share information and to reach out to others during this time of crisis. The President is spouting misinformation daily. Indivisible chapters across the country want to send out real true information when we have it. Our work is not over- we just have to do it in a different way now.

Stay safe and if you can, continue the work. Reach out to us with suggestions! How can we stay active? Our lives and democracy depend on it!

The Steering Committee, Indivisible NWI