In Indiana there’s a lot to celebrate because of federal legislation passed over the past two years:

MANUFACTURING THE FUTURE: $15 billion so far in commitments in Indiana to invest in 21st century industries like:
·       $2B Semiconductors & Electronics
·       $8B EVs & Batteries
·       $4B Biomanufacturing
$4.6 Billion in public infrastructure and clean energy investments in Indiana including:
·       $3.1B announced for transportation investments in roads, bridges, public transit, ports and airports, as well as electric school and transit buses, EV charging, and more.
·       $80.1M announced to make our communities more resilient to climate change and other threats.
·       $323.9M announced to provide clean water across Indiana and improve water infrastructure. This includes $108.5M dedicated to lead pipe and service line replacement.
·       $1.5 Billion in funding to provide affordable, reliable high-speed internet to everyone in Indiana.
·       369.2K households in Indiana are saving $30-75 per month on high-speed internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program.
·       3.2% unemployment rate in Indiana, with 202.1K new jobs created including 3K jobs in clean energy.
·       206.5K applications to start new businesses.
·       3.3K childcare programs kept open during the pandemic of the American Rescue Plan.
·       1.2K restaurants and bars kept open during the pandemic because of the American Rescue Plan.
·       $182.1M in home energy rebates to help hardworking families cut their energy costs by weatherizing their homes and replacing old appliances with more efficient models.
·       1.3M seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries will save money on prescription drug costs because of the $2,000 yearly cap on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs, a $35 monthly cap per insulin prescription, free vaccines, inflation rebates, and a drug price negotiation program.
·       185.4K individuals in Indiana signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act Marketplaces during the Open Enrollment Period for 2023 and will benefit from average savings of about $800/year from lower health care premiums.
·       Eli Lilly plans to invest $2 billion in a manufacturing expansion in Boone County that expects to create 500 permanent jobs once completed.
·       SkyWater intends to build a new $1.8 billion semiconductor R&D and manufacturing facility through a public-private partnership with the State of Indiana and Purdue University. The project expects to create 750 new, permanent jobs.
·       Samsung and Stellantis will build a $2.5 billion electric vehicle battery factory in Kokomo, Indiana that is expected to create 1,400 jobs.
·       Fort Wayne International Airport has been awarded $21.8 million from the Federal Aviation Administration to revamp its existing terminal building.
·       Rethink Coalition Inc. has been awarded $2 million through the Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program to study the opportunities and constraints of capping the recessed segment of the Interstate 65/70 Indianapolis Inner Loop.
·       The City of Munster has been awarded $17.1 million to reconfigure 1.3 miles of Ridge Road from five lanes to three, making space for a 10-foot-wide multi-use path, more than 250 trees, and amenities including landscaping, wayfinding signage, and pedestrian seating.
·        The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation has been awarded $33 million to build a multi-purpose operations and maintenance facility that will also serve as the agency’s headquarters.
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