The truth matters

The people of the 1st Congressional District deserve a fair race based on facts. Congressman Mrvan is running just that race, but republicans are smearing his campaign and the Congressman himself with blatant lies. Congressman Mrvan is running on his record, listening to what we, his constituents need and want, and working to meet those needs to help make all our lives better.

  • Congressman Frank Mrvan and the Democrats have worked tirelessly for all of us to reduce costs, protect women’s healthcare and the right to choose, to protect voting rights, to fight the climate crisis, to support veterans and the police, and much more.
  • Veterans healthcare was finally improved to cover toxic exposure, including burn pits and Agent Orange.
  • The child poverty rate was reduced to a record low by the American Rescue Plan that NO Republican supported.
  • Billions of dollars were brought to the state with the bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act that only Indiana Congressmen Mrvan and Carson supported.
  • Money to strengthen semiconductor manufacturing in this country to better compete with China and other countries was provided through the CHIPS and Science Act.
  • Congressman Mrvan has a lifetime of work as an ardent advocate for women and children. Some of that work includes:
    • As trustee he developed the No More Secrets campaign to raise awareness of child sexual abuse in schools across NW Indiana and then the state.
    • As a congressman he has
      • worked to pass legislation that
        • supports veterans who have experienced sexual trauma
        • supports victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking and works to prevent such violence.
        • protects women’s healthcare and the right to choose.
      • Brought federal funds to NW Indiana to help victims of assault, stalking and human trafficking and their families.

Republican ads have been lying.

  • The Inflation Reduction Act will fund the IRS after a decade of budget cuts. The IRS will be able to provide better customer service, technical support and bring in revenue by auditing the those who make $400,000 or more—audits they haven’t been able to do because audits of the wealthy are complicated and take more manpower.
  • No personal income tax for anyone was increased. A minimum 15% tax on big businesses and corporations was imposed by the Inflation Reduction Act. Many of them regularly paid NO federal tax at all.

Republicans have promised to

  • Cut social security and medicare
  • Repeal the Inflation Reduction Act to
    • Prevent the IRS from auditing the wealthy
    • Cut subsidies for healthcare
    • Repeal caps on insulin and healthcare costs for seniors
    • Repeal the 15% minimum tax on large businesses and corporations
  • Make permanent their 2017 tax cuts for the wealthy
  • Impose a national abortion ban with few exceptions

Frank and the Democrats are fighting for a woman’s right to choose, police funding and help to fight violent and domestic crime, better common sense gun laws, free and fair elections, reduced healthcare costs and always for veterans. They work for all of us, not the wealthy few.

Know the truth about what Congressman Frank Mrvan and the democratic party have achieved these past two years. Here are just a few:

  • Gun reform, the first in decades
  • The most significant reduction in child poverty ever, part of the American Rescue Plan
  • Infrastructure improvements across the country with billions allocated to Indiana through the bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act
  • Money for local police and for schools, part of the American Rescue Plan
  • Investing in manufacturing to compete with China and other countries and ease our supply chain vulnerabilities through the CHIPS Act
  • Improved healthcare for veterans through the PACT Act
  • Money for much needed projects here in NW Indiana
  • Most recently, through the Inflation Reduction Act, significant healthcare savings for people on Medicare and those who use the Affordable Care Act and landmark climate provisions to seriously address the climate crisis

Because of Congressman Frank Mrvan Northwest Indiana is getting federal dollars for projects that will make our economy and individual lives better. Some of these projects include:

  • Upgrades for local police departments and sheriff’s office that will help them better protect the community
  • Support for Fair Haven Rape Crisis Center to help those fleeing violence, sexual assault, stalking or human trafficking
  • General water and sewer infrastructure improvements across NW Indiana
  • Support for job training programs at Ivy Tech Community College in East Chicago
  • Upgraded labs and equipment at local Schools of Nursing to better train health professionals and reduce the nursing shortage
  • Improved services to adults with disabilities
  • Funding to address youth mental health and substance abuse
  • Prevention of beach erosion at Indiana Dunes National Park and repair of the Lake Michigan breakwater to improve recreational opportunities and aid the Coast Guard in its mission
  • Improvements at the Gary/Chicago International Airport.
  • Expanded capacity of the confined storage facility for dangerous material dredged from Indiana Harbor
  • Work toward completion of the Marquette Greenway Trail between Gary and Hammond

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