Congressman Mrvan needs your help–Share the truth about Frank, his family & his campaign

Frank has come under attack by his opponent who is making baseless allegations and lies about him and his campaign.

Congressman Frank Mrvan needs your help to spread the truth.

Frank Mrvan is not only a staunch supporter of women’s rights, he is a compassionate and empathetic leader who has brought significant positive changes to all of us in NW Indiana. He wants the best for each of us with no regard to politics. His career both as the North Township Trustee and as a Congressman is concrete evidence of how he has made significant improvements in the lives of those hurting and in need. All you need to do is have a brief conversation with Frank—or just read about him—and you will see that he wants the best for each of us. He is a genuinely caring person who gets things done.

But now the campaign of his opponent, Jennifer Ruth Green, is spreading a vile lie about Frank and his campaign. They claim that his campaign leaked information about her military career and sexual assault that appeared in Politico. Politico has said they received the information through a standard request for documents through the Freedom of Information Act and not from the Mrvan campaign. Yet Green has not retracted any of her allegations and is subjecting Frank and his family to hateful and vile treatment from her supporters.

Frank Mrvan’s wife Jane is a childhood sexual assault survivor. In every stage of his career and personal life, Frank has been an advocate for survivors of sexual assault — especially the women and men who serve our country. As confirmed by Politico, the Mrvan family would never, ever subject a fellow survivor to this kind of political torture. Positive campaigning has been the Mrvan family’s cornerstone for the 19+ years they have served our community. It is disheartening to see people across the internet bringing down a family under baseless pretenses who has done nothing but uplift sexual assault survivors here in Indiana and across the US.

We all need to spread the truth.

You can read about this cruel and baseless attack on Frank and his family in the NWI Times or if you can’t open the article, read highlights below:
“…Jennifer-Ruth Green has incited a mob of her social media supporters to subject U.S. Rep. Frank J. Mrvan, D-Highland, his wife, Jane, and their children to vile insults and implied threats to their safety.
Green has yet to retract her unsupported claim that Mrvan “illegally obtained” and subsequently disclosed to Politico Magazine military records showing Green washed out of flight training; failed to meet standards for leadership, professionalism and judgment; and suffered sexual abuse during her tenure in the U.S. Air Force.
Politico said it obtained Green’s military service record in connection with a standard request for the documents using the federal Freedom of Information Act — not from anyone associated with Mrvan’s campaign. Additional documentation relating to incidents described in the profile was provided directly by Green’s campaign, according to Politico.”

In response to the Times’ request for evidence of the allegations against Mrvan, Green’s campaign provided none, saying only that the “motive is obvious.”

Jane Mrvan said “As survivors we band together. We do not attack each other. We support each other.” 
“Frank Mrvan said the sexual abuse perpetrated against his wife and her late sister when they were children has inspired his entire career in public service advocating and acting on behalf of all sexual assault survivors.” 
(NWI Times)

Frank’s campaign wants his supporters to remain positive. So spread the truth while reminding people of all that Frank has done for NW Indiana and the nation.