Indivisible NWI June Meeting recap

On June 2 we welcomed Indivisibles to our first in-person meeting in far too long.

Attendees were so engaged that we saw a need to have meetings devoted to one topic. We will hold a meeting on Women’s Reproductive Rights on Thursday, July 21 at 5pm at the Portage Library.

Our August meeting will be devoted to gun violence. Look for more specific info to come.

We will have voter registration training on Thursday, June 29 at 6-7pm at the Merrillville Library, Room D.

We began by talking about who Indivisible National and Indivisible NWI are—our origins and what we as a local grassroots organization do. We help educate, inform, fight mis- and dis-information and issue calls to action. Our reach is local, state and national. We have made a difference and will continue to do so with the continued support and activism of all of you. Read more here.

We talked about Women’s Reproductive Rights. Although a representative from Planned Parenthood could not attend, they did provide important talking points about the expected end of Roe and its impact on abortion rights, women’s choice, and women’s healthcare. Our president, Kim Eldridge, presented this talk and presided over an impassioned discussion among attendees. The point was made that in addition to framing the issue as a woman’s choice, it is also an issue of women’s health. Indiana, in particular, has an abysmal record of maternal and infant mortality that will only be made worse with the demise of Roe. Read about these talking points in more detail here. Read more from Planned Parenthood here.

Based on research the Indiana ACLU has made the following recommendations for messaging:

  • Indiana messaging should focus on values around individuals and families making their own decisions.
  • Indiana messaging should also focus on the fact that abortion is safe and provided by medical providers, not by politicians.
  • Individuals should have the freedom to decide if and when to have children – 84% of Hoosiers agree with the statement
  • Stress that it is up to individuals/families to decide
  • Stress that everyone should be able to get the healthcare that they need and that certain politicians should not dictate those personal medical decisions – 78% of Hoosiers agree with this statement
  • Stress that whether we personally agree with abortions or not, that this is a deeply private, personal and unique decision that should be made in consultation with doctors and families. To people of faith, we would add that this decision can also be discussed with a pastor, priest or person of the cloth.

Next we talked about gun violence and gun control. Common sense and clear research incontrovertibly demonstrate that the overarching issue is that there are too many guns in this country. They are too easy to access due to lax gun laws across the country. And military style weapons are readily available to nearly everyone. We talked about the frightening and compelling statistics. A long list of evidence and research based solutions could make a real difference. A good beginning would be with just four–Background checks for all gun purchases; Close the Charleston Loophole; Require secure gun storage; and Develop and enhance Community Violence Intervention Programs. Read more here.

Read about what President Biden has done here, what Congress has and could do here, and what the Supreme Court has done and is expected to do here.

Indivisible NWI has endorsed Congressman Frank Mrvan for re-election as our District 1 Congressional Representative. He has represented NWI very well during his first term, bringing lots of dollars to the region for important projects while supporting Democratic causes. For the first time in decades the seat is considered competitive and we all will need to fight to keep Frank in office against a strong—and frightening—Republican candidate. Frank’s campaign manager Matt Calderon, talked about what the Congressman has done for us, why volunteering for him is so important, and all the ways people can volunteer, how, when, where. You can sign up to volunteer here.

Join us for our Kick Off Volunteer Event for Congressman Mrvan
Saturday, June 25., 11 AM to 2 PM
Michigan City, Democratic Headquarters, 1712 East US Highway 20, Evergreen Plaza
We’ll canvas, phone bank & write post cards. Training & talking points will be provided at the event.

What you can do now:

Contact your state and federal representatives and senators. Just click on the links below.

Contact your state representative and senator.

Contact Governor Holcomb.

Contact your U.S. Congressman

Contact Senator Braun. Call him at (202) 224-4814

Contact Senator Young. Call him at 202-224-5623

It’s often best to write and say your own message—it’s makes more of an impact. But you can take action through the above groups and then use a template like this to create your own message:

  • In your first paragraph include personal information, why you personally care about this issue. State the purpose of the letter, phone call, email.
  • Next include facts. State the position supported. Use supporting examples and facts.
  • State what you are asking for. Ask for the Senator or Representative to respond.

100 anti-abortion legislators have signed a petition calling on Governor Holcomb to open a special session to ban abortion. This is not what the majority of people of Indiana want. Planned Parenthood is working to gather 2000 signatures supporting abortion access! Sign your name here.

For gun control, the following organizations provide easy ways to take action:

Everytown for Gun Safety: Most comprehensive site for learning and taking action locally and nationally. Click on ‘Send a message’.

Moms Demand Action, part of Everytown: Click on ‘Send a message’.

Brady Scroll to the bottom to ‘Contact your representative’.

Giffords: Click on ‘take action’ in the top menu.

American Public Health Association Click on ‘Tell your members of congress to support legislation to reduce gun violence’.

Nationwide protests against gun violence will be held on Saturday, June 11.
March for Our Lives, the student-led gun control advocacy group started by Parkland survivors, is planning the protests in the wake of the Uvalde school shooting. The marches will take place in Washington, DC, and all around the country four years after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. (CNN
Find one near you at their website:

Becky Metaja Lombardina, candidate for Porter County Council, ended the meeting with an announcement about an event, Treats & Transform, Sun., June 26, 2-4 at Red Cup in Chesterton. Attendees can meet Porter County Dem candidates, community leaders & citizens–& make a power portrait ($20 donation). RSVP