We at Indivisible NWI stand opposed to the “Abortion Matters” Bill (HB1577), signed by Gov. Holcomb on 4.29.21.

  • It is an ideologically driven bill that is meant to gradually peel away Women’s rights.
  • It shames patients who are seeking access to safe, legal medical procedures, and puts their health in jeopardy.
  • HB1577 states, among many other things, that abortion is reversible, and peddles junk science that harms the people of Indiana and forces healthcare providers to choose between lying to their patients or face criminal charges. 
  • It is disgraceful and unconstitutional, and woefully scientifically inaccurately stated.   

Of all the authoritarian anti-reproductive rights bills filed in Indiana, this one is by far the worst and aimed directly at medication abortions. ACLU/PP will certainly file lawsuits against the state, spending more of your tax dollars.

The main provisions of the bill:

1. Physicians are REQUIRED to REMOVE the FDA guidelines& manufacturer instructions regarding the abortion inducing drugs before dispensing to patient.

2. Physicians are now REQUIRED to give information concerning the “reversal” pill when every medical organization in this country has said that there is literally no peer reviewed data on this “reversal pill”.

3. Mental health providers are no longer required to assist patients going              through this medical procedure if it is against their moral, religious belief. 

4. PROHIBITS the use of telemedicine. Including writing or filling a prescription that is intended to result in an abortion.

5. REQUIRES that only a PHYSICIAN can dispense the abortion inducing drug and the patient must take the drug in the presence of that physician.

6. REQUIRES that several reports be completed identifying the facility, city, copy of ultrasound report – and submitted to the state board for licensing of the facility and department of health annual inspections.  All are in direct violation of HIPAA!

7. REQUIRES that the written parental consent for women under 18, be notarized.

8. The abortion inducing drug must not be dispensed, prescribed or given to a woman after 8 weeks of ‘postfertilization age’, when statistics show that most women don’t even know that they’re pregnant at 6 weeks.

Read the full text of the bill here. And the digest here.

and a good summary from the Statehouse File

Here are the final votes in the General Assembly. See how your representative and senator voted.

In the House. In the Senate.