2/23 Weekly Legislative Update



No votes were held last week.


The House has a few days of voting this week. Tuesday is primarily veterans affairs, Wednesday primarily land, trails, and natural resources. Most of these bills are relatively uncontroversial and will be vote on under suspension of the rules, with the exception of:

H.R. 2339 – Protecting American Lungs and Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2019

See all bills scheduled for floor time here


A bill making its way through the legislature would make it easier for homeless people – who can’t provide a legal address – to still get services.   (Indiana Public Media)

Governor Holcomb is now officially unopposed in the Republican primary.  (WIBC)

Lawmakers are considering restrictions on how often schools in need of additional funding can propose referendum measures to local taxpayers, and education groups are once again pushing back on the proposal.  (Indiana Public Media)

After a decade of failed attempts, the state House on Thursday passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky.   (Courier Journal)

Indiana appears poised to become the 22nd state to prohibit drivers from holding a phone or other wireless device while their vehicle is in motion.  (Times of Northwest Indiana)

No one’s attempting it in Indiana so far, but a bill to ban your employer from making you get microchipped is on its way to Governor Holcomb.  (WIBC)

Indiana legislators aren’t likely to revive a proposal aimed at requiring more businesses to provide workplace accommodations for pregnant women.  (IBJ)

Indiana lawmakers are trying to ensure low-income families whose children get a paid internship aren’t penalized when it comes to government benefits.   (WFIU)

If it feels like the state’s Republican super majority is moving ever-so-slightly back toward the middle, you wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption, some Democratic legislators said Saturday.  (Post Tribune)