12/2 – Weekly Legislative Update


The US Congress was on Thanksgiving recess last week.


Will spend the week working on confirming an expected pile of Republican-donor-Federalist-Society judgeship nominees. Most are relatively uncontroversial, some even already enjoying support from a few Democrats, and are expected to be confirmed “comfortably.” The nominee likely to draw the most scrutiny is Sarah Pitlyk, who’s become known for her extreme stance on reproductive issues. In addition to being rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association, Pitlyk has written in opposition to commonplace practices such as surrogacy, in-vitro fertilization (IVF). She is also, needless to say, opposed to abortion and the “birth control movement.” More information from civilrights.org

Confirmation/Nomination votes:

Dan Brouillette; Secretary of Energy
Eric Komitee; US District Judge for Eastern NY
John Sinatra, Jr.; US District Judge for Western NY
Sarah Pitlyk; US District Judge for Eastern MO
Douglas Cole; US District Judge for Southern OH
R. Austin Huffaker, Jr.; US District Judge for Middle AL
David Barlow; US District Judge for Utah
Richard Myers II; US District Judge for Eastern NC
Sherri Lydon; US District Judge for SC
Robert Duncan; Governor of US Postal Service

Will work on several bills regarding world health and wellness and international relations additionally:

H.R. 2534: The Insider Trading Prohibition Act
In addition to a couple points on data security, this bill would define and prohibit illegal insider trading at the federal level.

S. 151: The TRACED Act
Would assign more resources to the tracking down and prosecuting of scammers conducting illegal robo-calls.

H. RES 326: [Affirming a Two-State Solution for Israel and Palestine]

There’s also a freshly published

State of Indiana

While a lot is being done at the local level, the state of Indiana is doing little to help communities increase the availability of fresh and affordable local food, state Sen. Tim Lanane, D-Anderson, said earlier this month at the fourth annual Local Food Summit of Muncie and East Central Indiana.  (Star Press)

High health care costs in Indiana have caught the eye of Republican legislative leaders, who plan to tackle the issue during the 2020 session.  (Journal Gazette)

A northwest Indiana town has banned all tobacco and vaping products from public spaces and facilities in what a backer hails as one of the most comprehensive in the state.  (Journal Gazette)

Hoosiers spoke out today against a proposed gender-change rule moving through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles process.  (Journal Gazette)

Governor Eric Holcomb Monday announced several new appointments and reappointments to various state boards and commissions.  (Indy Politics)

Four Indiana cities sued for enacting anti-discrimination ordinances that opponents alleged violated religious rights laws have won summary judgment in a lawsuit challenging Indiana‚Äôs controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  (IBJ)