Get Involved

In what ways can I volunteer? We have several teams and are always looking for people to help:

Field Team–Register voters, canvass, phone bank, enter data–these are the building blocks that help us change politics in Indiana and the country.

Outreach Team–Assist us in building coalitions and connecting with other community organizations to identify common goals.

Tech–Put your skills to work to help us expand our impact and effectiveness through our website, social media platforms, databases, etc.

Legal–Help guide us legally by raising questions and pointing us to the info we need to make sure we’re protected.

Legislation–Dive into legislative proposals and help us determine when and how to act.

Logistics–Plan events, identify venues, support the organization by finding supplies and fundraising.

Social Media–Write posts for Facebook, Twitter and contribute to the social media plan.

Marketing/Communications–Help craft our message with our members, our legislators, the media and the public.

Graphic Design–Expand our reach by using your skills to make sure our messages have the strongest impact.